Estate Planning

Being prepared for your future is not only the best thing you can do for yourself,
but for your children and other loved ones as well.

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Why Do You Need an Estate Plan?

Having an estate plan in place is not only about protecting one self, but protecting your family and loved ones. In their biggest time of grief, it allows them to see your wishes in writing. It is a comprehensive map on exactly what to do.

After passing, your family is upset and grieving, the last thing the need to deal with is going to court and fight out issues with other family members. Having your plans laid out ahead of time give you and family peace of mind during a difficult time of their lives.

Our Process

Our process is designed to take the stress and hassle out, instead make it an easy process. The goal is to make it a positive experience, and not think about the inevitable outcome. This is about protecting your children and loved ones.

Estate planning is not a do it your self process, you need an experienced attorney such as at Dawson Legal Services. We work hand in hand, and discuss the not so obvious items to set up a comprehensive plan to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Contact us to setup your free consultation. 

Dawson Legal Services Estate Planning service is a positive, comprehensive, and personal experience.

Taylored Plan For Your Family​

Dawson legal services understands that every family has different needs with their estate plan. We advise you to sit down with our Estate planning attorney Chassity Dawson to discuss your specific needs or requests. Our professional services will design them for you to prevent any legal or family altercations. Chassity Dawson will also ask detailed questions that may have not crossed your mind. Our plans are the most thorough estate plans one could ask for. 

California Highway Patrol

Estate Plans for CHP

Provided for FREE at zero cost to you

Dawson Legal Services is proud to be partnered with the ARAG attorney network. ARAG Insurance will cover estate plans for California Highway Patrol officers. Any additional fees not covered by ARAG insurance is covered by us. This means an estate plan custom built for you and your family, for absolutely no cost out of your pocket.

We respect and honor first responders, and military. Please us know at time of appointment, we have special pricing available.

More Estate Planning Services

Wills and Trusts

A will can be done individually if an estate plan in out of budget. A will determines where property or assets go, but will not keep family out of probate court. The only way to do that is to have a trust in place. Trusts can be designed very personalized to any way you want.

Guardianship Paperwork

If you have minor children and if you don’t have anything in place, the court will go with next of kin. This may not be the best home in your mind. Guardianship Paper paperwork can include friends to raise them as well. This can be done within will, or a separate document. Medical and financial power of attorney can also be included.

Final Disposition Document

This ultimately states what you want done with your body. We can discuss importance of pre-planning and have referrals if you choose to do a pre-planning option.

Advanced Healthcare Directive (or Medical Power of Attorney)

This document allows your family to know what your medical decisions are while you are living and at the time when a serious medical decision is needed. Not only will the know your choices, they will be provided with the peace of mind knowing that you they are not making the decisions, because you already have.

Financial Power of Attorney

This document allows for your person of choice to manage your finances while you are living and unable to handle them.

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